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Backup early, backup “often.”:http://timblair.net/weblog.php First LGF and instapundit hit with a DoS. Now Tim Blair apparently hacked and having his database wiped out. Gotta run – I feel the sudden, urgent need to back up all of RNS.

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Count ANY Vote: Part Devyatnadtsat

Sorry for the late update, but things have happened to make this story a bit of a slug, both personally and news wise. The Repub court case that was supposed to take place on last Friday the 14th was postponed. … Continue reading

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Passing along a Request

Found at The View From North Central Idaho. Joe Huffman recieved this in his email box: Greetings all, I have spoken to Chris Knox (one of Neal Knox’s son) and told him I wanted to make our subscribers aware of … Continue reading

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Let’s Play “Name Your Cuts!”

I found this story at the Kos IMC: [Bush] plans to fulfill his pledge to halve the record $413 billion federal budget deficit by submitting a 2006 budget next month that includes nothing for some programs. He wouldn’t name them. … Continue reading

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“Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist”

The title to this post is a quote from none other than George Orwell. DANEgerous makes a connection to this quote, along with another paragraph or two of it, and the new anti-Free Speech codes that have been proposed in … Continue reading

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I’ve got Good News

And I’ve got Bad News. First, the Bad News: Our pal, Brent from The Ville, is planning on hanging up his Bloggin Hat this Thursday. Never one to hold back on the lonney lefite losers, his hand on the throat … Continue reading

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Kewl Stuff

Mike at Sworn Enemy has found a link to some great memorabilia commemorating this Thursday’s Inauguration. Oddly enough, it was in al-Guardian, The post office is doing some flag-waving for President Bush’s second inauguration. The agency is offering a special … Continue reading

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ELF, the Video Game

Found at Right Thinking on Friday, Steer Madness: Steer Madness is a fully-featured 3D action-adventure game for home computer. You play as Bryce the Steer who narrowly escaped the slaughterhouse. Now liberated, you are on a mission to save your … Continue reading

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