ELF, the Video Game

Found at Right Thinking on Friday,

Steer Madness: Steer Madness is a fully-featured 3D action-adventure game for home computer. You play as Bryce the Steer who narrowly escaped the slaughterhouse. Now liberated, you are on a mission to save your animal friends!

While not a ‘gamer’ myself, this sounds as boring as sand blow across the desert.

But wait until you hear about the next eco-friendly game coming out:

Eco-Savior: You are a part of a animal rights organization. Your mission: To break into testing labs and free the sad wittle animals and then trashing the place. Extra points are awarded for putting your graffiti tag in a prominent location. You also have to evade the local fuzz and FBI. As you gain experience points, you get the opportunity to commit arson in housing developments and resorts.

OK, so that last one isn’t real. But it might be in the future.

One twist I would like added into is the possibility of either FBI or civilian infiltrators. The civilian infiltrators are vigilantes who execute the eco-team members.

Game Over.

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2 Responses to ELF, the Video Game

  1. Raging Dave says:

    Damn, AK – I saw the title of this post and thought I’d actually get to SHOOT some of the bastards.

    You had my hopes up there for a while.

  2. AnalogKid says:

    Sorry to disappoint, Dave. My apologies.

    But hey, I think that life should be more exciting than any video game.

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