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Cosmic Beauty

The comet, named Macholz, is visible with the naked eye as a faint blur near the constelation Taurus. A pair of binoculars will help show some faint detail. The comet will continue to increase in brightness for the next few … Continue reading

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Blastorama Time!

Git yer guns out and ready, It is the January edition of the Blogger Blastorama, folks! When: This Saturday in between 1200 and 1300. Where: Renton Fish & Game rifle and pistol range Why: Because it’s January, of course. What … Continue reading

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The Happy Hooker

That is my new nickname for Mary Mapes. “She who would sell out her last ounce of journalistic credibility to get a chance to attack George W Bush” was just too long and not catchy at all. Laurence has started … Continue reading

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More Tsunami News

First up, The Poor Schmuck finds proof of what we all were pretty sure was true, Some NGOs like Aid India did a wonderful, focussed job, there were many others which were wasting time and money, more interested in brand … Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust

Over the weekend, there were reports that during an attack on a jihadi/Baathist stronghold in the town of Aaytha (30mi south of Mosul), we accidentally hit the wrong structure, killing anywhere from 5-14 people. Well, it turns out that we … Continue reading

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They’re Openly Advocating the Overthrow of the American Government

Can we shoot these black clad losers now? Anarchist Resistance, on what they would like to see during the inauguration, This January, let the world see not a display of American Patriotism from the right and American “free speech” from … Continue reading

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So as to not sully their little minds

Or make them have to think. Someone has come up with “The FOX Blocker!” It screws inline with your coax and supposedly blocks FOX News from your cable box. Lord knows the lefties can’t stand dissent of any kind, even … Continue reading

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Say, whatever happened to………

Nope, not politically motivated AT ALL.

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