Like I’ve been saying

maybe some people should be less concerned about civil rights in America, and more concerned about what’s happening in “their own back yard.”:,9115,1386715,00.html

bq. _*With its federal system, the US has at least worked out how best to run an enormous country. In Seattle, where I stayed, you’re as far from the centre of power as Vladivostok is from Moscow. Solidly Democrat, its citizens felt dispossessed after Bush’s re-election. But, as counter-poise, they could elect their own governor and legislature. Bush isn’t Hitler.*_

bq. _*Isn’t it better, though, to think about the country we can do something about: our own? Since the British empire collapsed, the left has been misled into believing that somehow we can change the world morally: a new, ethical imperium (a very different thing from the public’s heartfelt response to the tsunami). But morality begins at home.*_

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