I certainly hope so

From World Net Daily:

Has U.S. threatened to vaporize Mecca?
Intelligence expert says nuke option is reason bin Laden has been quiet

Why hasn’t Osama bin Laden’s terror network executed an attack on U.S. soil since 9-11?

Simple, says Dr. Jack Wheeler, creator of an acclaimed intelligence website dubbed “the oasis for rational conservatives”. The U.S. has threatened to nuke the Muslim holy city of Mecca should the terror leader strike America again.

On his website, To the Point, Wheeler explains how the Bush administration has identified the potential of wiping Mecca off the map as bin Laden’s ultimate point of vulnerability � the Damoclean Sword hanging over his head.

I would prefer a real sword, but if this is true, it will do.

“Israel recognizes that the Aswan Dam is Egypt’s Damoclean Sword,” writes Wheeler. “There is no possibility whatever of Egypt’s winning a war with Israel, for if Aswan is blown, all of inhabited Egypt is under 20 feet of water. Once the Israelis made this clear to the Egyptians, the possibility of any future Egyptian attack on Israel like that of 1948, 1967, and 1972 is gone.”

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4 Responses to I certainly hope so

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Hogwash. You may take this from a retired USAF officer who participated daily in our last, successful scheme of Assured Destruction (the Cold War).

    You can’t keep Assured Destruction a secret, or it’s of no value. Mecca is in Saudi Arabia, and we would be attacking a Saudi city. The Saudis are not our enemy (supposedly), Bin Laden is. Bin Laden hasn’t been in Saudi Arabia for years. Mecca is valuable for the Islamists, but pilgrimmage there is only required once in a Muslim’s life, and most of the Islamist leaders will have already been there, done that, so they would feel no personal sense of religious unfulfilment from seeing it destroyed.

    Applying Assured Destruction to Mecca would have to assume that all Muslims are in it to defeat the US. That’s a paranoid view not shared by any influential US leader, especially Bush, or why would he be making the huge aid gambit in the Indian Ocean, a Muslim lake, right now?

    Comaparison to Israel’s doctrine of MAD with Egypt is apples and oranges. Isreal confronts an unfriendly NATION, we confront an unfriendly SECT WITHIN A RELIGION.


  2. AnalogKid says:

    Just a suggestion (and a deep dark wish), RD.

    Not trying to post an absolute.

    Sadly, you probably are right.

  3. RHJunior says:

    I contend that the people trying to kill us are not a “sect within” anything. They are the heart and soul of Islam, and the cult moves as a whole as they dictate. It is the peaceful muslims (peaceful, or merely letting others, for now, do their fighting?) who are the aberration, not the rule.

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