Every Dog Has His Day

I would say that this news is strange, but its from San Francisco.

S.F. planning to unleash dog-care rules
Ordinance would define adequate pooch amenities

In San Francisco, where orphaned animals live in “pet condos” at the SPCA, pet parents are called guardians instead of owners, and well-heeled canines are enrolled in doggie day care, now comes a law mandating more creature comforts for the creatures.

The food: palatable and nutritious. The water: changed at least once a day and provided in a non-tipping bowl. The shelter: big enough for the canine to stand up and turn around in and with a raised floor and dry, clean bedding for when the “ambient temperature falls below that … to which the dog is acclimated.”

But the vote putting it on the table to be approved wasn’t unanimous.

The law passed its first reading this week with an 8-2 vote, with Supervisor Chris Daly absent. Supervisors Michela Alioto-Pier and Aaron Peskin dissented.

“I was reading this, and I thought: Now we’re treating dogs better than we treat the homeless,” Alioto-Pier said.

What, are they giving the dogs $400 a week?

Oh, and dogs don’t choose to become leeches on society. Unlike most of the ‘permanently homeless’ that end up in SF.

And another question, what if a ‘homeless person’ has a dog? Will they be fined for not having the proper accomodations? Because we all know that they won’t be fined for taking a dump in the street.

The ‘homeless person’ I mean.

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  1. night heron says:

    Yeah is SAN FRANCISCO where they can marry gays ban guns and fine you for displaying the US flag they want doggies to have special treatment frankly there should be another earthquake in the city by the bay and drop the whole damn rotten place into the pacific ocean

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