The Dumbest Idea for a Hunting Jacket


Good Lord!

What in the hell were they thinking?

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12 Responses to The Dumbest Idea for a Hunting Jacket

  1. DocB says:

    This *can’t* be real. Can it?

    who would sell this?

  2. AnalogKid says:

    Sadly, DocB, it is absolutely real.

    It is made by a company called ‘Earth Ragz’ and sells for around $45.

  3. DocB says:

    Any chance you have a link handy?

  4. JSAllison says:

    CM Kornbluth was right*…

    *obscure reference to ‘The Marching Morons’

  5. JonB says:

    Holy Sh!t!!!

    Ok. It doesn’t take to many brain cells to figure out that this jacket is a BAD idea!

    Perhaps they want a lawsuit? Most intelligent people would know it was their own damn fault for wearing the jacket, but with todays overwhelming refusal to take responsibility for ones own mistakes, the company is just begging to be sued.

  6. MikeG says:

    It’s the John Kerry model……….

  7. og says:

    my word, I was only KIDDING when I posted this:

  8. DocB says:

    you wouldn’t happen to have a link per chance would ya? 😉

  9. AnalogKid says:

    Heya DocB, I’ll get you a link up as soon as I can find the catalog I saw this in.

    Think tomorrow AM.

    Og, I think the deer are getting smarter and the humans are getting dumber.

    To all, thanks for commenting.

  10. AnalogKid says:

    OkeeDokee DocB, here ya go.

    This isn’t where I originally found it and I really can’t share that one with you because I respect that particular company. I have brought it to their attention and, hopefully, they’ll take the word ‘hunting’ out of the description.

    This catalog retailer does suggest that you wear the jacket ‘in nature’ though.

    I hope that doesn’t get take to mean ‘au natual’.

  11. Drumwaster says:

    What’s on the front? A bullseye? Osama’s picture?

    Does it have antlers attached to the (optional) hood?

  12. night heron says:

    What are they trying to do get someone shot? this is a bit scary isnt it they usial bunch of weirdos with their idea of a joke wellits a very sick joke they should give all the antihunting bunny huggers T-Shirts reading STUPID and IM WITH STUPID fair enough

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