Canadians Pinch Illinois

You may remember the plan put forth by the state of Illinois and Wisconsin to buy cheap perscription drugs from Canada and sell the to the citizens of their respective states.

Well, Canada is about to put a stop to that.

In a published report Wednesday, David Kay, of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, said “there’s a very real chance that by the middle of January drugs will not flow from Canada anymore.”

Because capitalism is so foreign to most in Canadian government, they can’t see a quick buck when it slaps them across the face.

Found @ FreeWillBlog

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1 Response to Canadians Pinch Illinois

  1. JSAllison says:

    Correct me if I’m mistaken but aren’t the drugs sold in Canada for the most part produced in the US? Canada represents a pretty miniscule market so I suspect that a drug company about to get undercut here by drugs exported to Canada by that very same company would find it easy to say “resell the drugs here and we stop exporting them to you. At the very least we’ll reduce exports steeply so that you’ll only have enough for internal needs” That seems to be a rather significant Achilles’ heel in the Buy Canada movement.

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