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“Destination Retail”

The Analog Mom emailed me some very good news yesterday: I might be getting my very own Cabelas! Cabela’s, which describes itself as the world’s foremost outfitter of fishing and hunting gear, is considering a store site in Lacey, but … Continue reading

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A Big Round of Thanks

Thank you to everyone who commented or emailed about Jake’s post yesterday. The little guy is doing OK now that the anesthesia has fully worn off though he doesn’t like his pill-form meds. But to cover my bases and clear … Continue reading

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I had to wait

Until I stopped laughing to be able to post on this. OK, so last week, Chris Matthews of ‘HardlyGotBalls’ fame compared the statements in the latest Osama tape to Michael Moore’s whacked out diatribe, which it is easily comparable to, … Continue reading

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Official Terror State

I have seen a lot of blogger going on about the Hamas victory in the barely recognizable as such, election in for control of the ‘Palestinian Authority’. Jimmeh Cahtah giving his seal of approval to the ‘elections’ gave the stroy legs. … Continue reading

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Butting Out

The clean air freaks in California have declared cigarette smoke a ‘Toxic Air Contaminate’. That’ll be coming here to Washington in under two years, without a doubt. Speaking of cigarette smoke, now that we have an uber-restrictive smoking ban (not even within … Continue reading

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Dirt Nap Voting

Even with the more than a year after our Governor’s Election debacle and even after the federal deadline for each state to square away their voting rolls, Washington still proves itself to be a solidly Democrat stronghold with one simple fact: There … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

Historically, the general development of industry has taken the following course: an industry begins with a few small firms; in time, many of them merge; this increases efficiency and augments profits. As the market expands, new firms enter the field, … Continue reading

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