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Revving up for tax increases

In yesterday’s Seattle Times, they published a WaPo article about how the deficit will ‘increase’ if the tax cuts Bush and the Republican Congress put into effect aren’t repealed. As per MSM standards, the aricle completely forgets to mention that … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Swim in the Big Blue

They won’t say how big it was, but with a 1000psi beak bite, I don’t really care. A giant octopus may have been looking for a date when it attacked a submarine off of Vancouver Island last fall. The remote-operated … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Survival Techniques

Hello folks, it’s Professor Booty here with some tips on techniques to keep yourself warm in the frosy out of doors. You’re probably wondering to yourself “Self, why would a guy with a Phd in Fanny Dynamics need to teach, … Continue reading

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