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Ending the Year with a Bang

Kirk of Fun Turns to Tragedy blog finished the year off right. Pics and movies of full-auto fun, ginormous muzzle flashes in the dusk, and a Barrett .50! What’s not to like? I’m looking to hit the range this weekend … Continue reading

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I haven’t done this in a long while

But it’s fisking time! From yesterday’s Seattle Post Intelligencer Editorial Board on the implementation of Seattle’s forced recycling program, In Seattle, the power of the law is now on the side of right and recycling. The possibility of a little … Continue reading

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The Door

As to yesterday’s question about the door mis-install: I had 32 responses, with 4 people getting very close, but only one person nailing it. That person would be TKDKerry. Congratulations! (Update: Late entry Aaron got it as well) I had … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

If a small group of men were always regarded as guilty, in any clash with any other group, regardless of the issues or circumstances involved, would you call it persecution? If this group were always made to pay for the … Continue reading

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