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How does that song go…?

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, You don’t spit into the wind, You don’t pull the bars off of LT Smash, And you don’t mess around with Slim. Yeah, something like that! I didn’t pull them off of him, but … Continue reading

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The Left found a way

To blame the US for Hamas’ victory in the PA ‘Elections’. It was easy, they just buddied up with the Saudis A confidential Saudi report prepared just weeks before the Palestinian elections predicted a Hamas victory in Gaza and the … Continue reading

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‘O’ stands for “Obvious”

It also stands for Oregon. Tailgating cited as top driver error in crashes Tailgating has become the top factor in highway crashes around Oregon, according to state officials. Nearly a third of the crashes reported in 2004 were the result … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

It takes extraordinary skill to hold more than 50% of a large industy’s market in a free economy. It requires unusual productive ability, unfailing business judgement and unrelenting effort at the continuous improvement of one’s product and technique. The rare company … Continue reading

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