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The NRA at the UN

Very kewl article — in one of the more widely read lefty think-tank journals, Foreign Policy — about the NRA’s “ambassador to the UN,” former Oregon state representative (!!!) Thomas Mason and some recent NRA/RKBA victories overseas. I enjoy reading … Continue reading

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New Toys on Friday

Seeing as how I haven’t been doing much gunblogging lately and I’m making everyone wait until Monday to se my newest acquisition, I decided that I could at least show you my newest gun accessory acquisition. The bastards won’t let … Continue reading

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Support Your Independent Contractors

Listening to local talk-radio last night, I heard some guys you might want to know about. They are called “The Pipe Hitters Unionâ€? From the front page of their site, The term “Pipe Hittersâ€? describes people that you call when … Continue reading

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The Door Mystery

And The Answer Is: Well first, let’s take another look at the door. The pic was taken from the inside of the room and the door opens out. The guys who will be working inside the room requested a split … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

Today’s ‘liberals’ recognize the worker’s (the majority) right to their livelihood (their wages), but deny the businessmen’s (the minority) right to their livelihood (their profits). If workers struggle for higher wages, this is hailed as “Social Gainsâ€?; if businessmen struggle … Continue reading

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