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Man Down

Blogger, Protest Warrior and long time RNS reader (all the way back to the black and blue days) Mad Mikey has had a stroke and is currently in the hospital recovering from surgury. If you’re the praying type, yours won’t be … Continue reading

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I Smell A Double Standard

Remember back around February, 2004 when Bush Economic Advisor, N. Gregory Mankiw said something positive about the outsourcing of jobs? There was a huge blowup in the American press and among the anti-Bush socialistas about how the Administrations was happy … Continue reading

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For Some Reason

I don’t believe them I found this list of ‘America’s 20 Meanest Cities’ from the National Coalition for the Homeless while perusing the Portland IMC for eco-terrorist news this last weekend. When they say the word “Mean”, they are speaking of the … Continue reading

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It’s Funny Because It’s True

(click for bigger) From DANEgerus, By DANEgerus

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RNS Quote of the Day

  With no principles, standards or criteria to guide it, the anti-trust case law is the record of seventy years of sophistry, casuistry and hair-splitting, as absurd and as removed from contact with reality as the debates of medival scholastics. … Continue reading

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