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You could almost call it a convention

Mr. Completely has come up with a very novel idea for a gunblogging get-together called the “Gunblogger Rendezvous” that you should look at. The plan is to have it take place in Reno, NV at the Silver Legacy Resort and … Continue reading

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They’re Failing

So, of course, the standards must change. I’ve written here before about the state of education here in the State of Washington and given some of the history leading to the creation of the WASL (Washington Assesment of Student Learning) … Continue reading

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Self Delusion – Grass Roots Style

I put on the hip-waders and wander through the KosBog so that you don’t have to. Kos thinks that his site and the work he has done to help Howard Dean-(D)ipshit is all going towards a grassroots effort to help … Continue reading

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A Day Late

(I spent so much time trying to find out the latest on Mike yesterday and then I zonked out within 20 minutes of getting home that I forgot to post this, so as the title says, this is a day late) … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

In the case of Milgram v Loew’s of 1951, the consistent refusal of distributors of motion pictures to grant first run’s to a drive-in theater was held to be proof of ‘collusion ‘. Each company had obviously valid reasons for … Continue reading

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