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Haven’t I called them hypocrites before?

Maybe they didn’t get the trackback? From the leader of the Klueless Kos Kids on Saturday: This is huge. Beyond huge: Anyone can buy a list of your incoming and outgoing phone calls, cell or land-line, for $110 online. Journalists, … Continue reading

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Annoying Comments?

But sometimes, they’re the most fun. There is this big kerfuffle going around the blogosphere about some bill Bush signed to protect people from on-line stalking that supposedly says that ‘annoying’ someone anonymously is now a felony. Some folks are … Continue reading

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State of the State

Yesterday evening was the State of the State speech, given by Washington (Barely) Governor, Christine Gregoire. Before I get into the issue here, I just want to fill you in on little, fun tidbit of info: The speech was at … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

What is the basic, the essential, the crucial principal that differentiates freedom from slavery? It is the principle of voluntary action versus physical coercion or compulsion. The difference between political power and any other kind of social ‘power’ between a … Continue reading

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