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Second New Gun of the Year

And it’s not even February yet! A few years back, I bought a Ruger 22/45 that could double as a plinker for me and also for the wife to use when she joined me at the range. At first, it … Continue reading

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Gun Show “Loophole”?

One year ago last Friday, Washington State Senate Bill 5343 was introduced into the state Senate and referred to the judiciary for a review of the legalese. Five days later, there was a public hearing on the Regulating the Sale … Continue reading

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MD Goes to Washington

In the comments of my post about the Maryland Legislature overridding the Governor’s veto of their socailist healthcare plan for large businesses (read: Wal-Mart), the Heartless Libertarian mentioned that there was a bill of the same tact floating around the Washington State … Continue reading

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I bet this was entertaining

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the insipid Not In Our Name sponsored “Bush Crimes Commision” heard testimony from the usual suspects of the ‘I Hate Bush’ crowd, including, but by no means limited to: Scott Ritter (aka: The Kiddie Diddler), Ray … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

If you care about justice to minority groups, remember that businessmen are a small minority – a very small minority, compared to the total of all of the uncivilized hordes on earth. Remember how much you own to this minority and … Continue reading

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