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This Weekend is the Superbowl

…in my household. At the age of eight or so I became aware of football, and when given a choice to pick out a plastic toy NFL helmet (about the size of a racquetball, it’s still in the garage somewhere), … Continue reading

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The More Democrats I Meet

The more I like my dog. On Tuesday, Kim du Toit posted about the New Hampshire Legislature’s attempt to head off at the pass gun confiscations like the ones we saw in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina. House Bill … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

The legal treatment accorded to actual criminals is much superior to that accorded to businessmen. The criminal’s rights are protected by objective laws, objective procedures, objective rules of evidence. A criminal is presumed to be innocent until he is proved … Continue reading

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Paging Michelle Malkin….

…Mark Tapscott puts two and two together and makes a very interesting conjecture that OU (Oklahoma, not Oregon) suicide Joel Hinrichs’ death was connected to the recently revealed Algerian terror plots against the US — plots that were intended to … Continue reading

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