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Range Hour

I finally got around to checking out the new rifle/pistol range that’s a five-minute drive from home. Headed over at lunch hour, paid $12 range fee (yikes!) and popped off a box of Dynamit-Nobel 9mm from my S&W 940 revolver. … Continue reading

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Blatant Seattle Liberal Racism and Sexism

The Seattle City Council chooses their own members by majority vote. Yeah, take a second to wrap your head around that. After Councilman Jim Compton resigned his position, 100 or so applicants submitted their applications for the position and the current … Continue reading

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It’s Called a Meritocracy for a Reason

With the trifecta of power held by the Democrats here in Washington (Governor, Senate and House), the pro-Affirmative Action types are warming up their arguments to deny the voters their state funded schools be free from the Affirmative Action schemes … Continue reading

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I can pick my friends

And I can pick my nose. But (Barely) Governor Gregiore gets to pick which design will go on the back of our state’s quarter when it comes out in 2007. Go here for the choices.

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Guilt by Association?

So now the media is scrounging for pictures of Bush with Abramoff to try and taint Bush with the guy, Although President Bush says he doesn’t recall meeting convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the two have reportedly turned up in photos … Continue reading

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Here’s Proof…

…that the Democrats’ much-publicized success in delaying the Alito committee vote until today was all about money. Back on Thursday, January 12, one of my moonbat friends forwarded me a copy of an email he got from People for the American Way. … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

We’re changing up today and will be featuring quotes from former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan. Mr. Greenspan is a bit difficult to quote as he likes to take a page or two to solidify his points, but I think I have a … Continue reading

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