Range Hour

I finally got around to checking out the new rifle/pistol range that’s a five-minute drive from home. Headed over at lunch hour, paid $12 range fee (yikes!) and popped off a box of Dynamit-Nobel 9mm from my S&W 940 revolver.

I haven’t shot the 940 (about which I posted here) in more than eight months, and it showed. I also discovered that sight alignment and double-action trigger pulls aren’t helped by shivering. It was a bright sunny day, with temps up to 70 in direct sun, but the range is located atop a hill with not only a commanding view of the valley below, but a real affinity for winds. Did I mention that we’re located less than ten miles from the 6000-windmill Altamont Pass wind farm? There was a pretty constant wind of I’d say 15 mph or better coming straight on, and in the shade it got COLD. I’d have been much comfier in jeans & heavy socks, but the wind just knifed through my dress shirt & slacks. Next time I’m bringing gloves, hat and jacket!

The RM had a very nice-looking M1A set out on a bench for use during downtimes (rifles and pistols use the same range), and we chatted a bit. He hadn’t heard of Boomershoot, but sounded intrigued. He ended up convincing me to become a club member. With those range fees, I didn’t need much convincing. $85 initial dues, $60 annual renewal, and now my range fees will be only $6. That does get you a 3-hour block of time, so $2 per hour ain’t bad.

The best part is, it’s about ten minutes from the office. I can slim down by going shooting every day instead of eating lunch!

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8 Responses to Range Hour

  1. AnalogKid says:

    A Californian going shooting on his lunch hour…
    What is this world coming to?

    (I don’t know, but i like it!)

  2. Wow…my folks live in Livermore…maybe I’ll bring some firepower next time I go down for Christmas

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  4. David says:

    Libertarian — very cool! Ammo & range fees are on me whenever you’re in the area!

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