James Wolcott, Loser.

Kathryn Jean Lopez, Inattentive?

I watched the press conference that Lopez speaks about at NRO�s The Corner that is linked to in Wolcott�s post and I do not agree with her description of the events.

“I only saw parts of it so I’m not going to be particularly helpful in relaying specifics–but, wow was he in a good mood. You almost get the impression he enjoys doing these now.�

I don�t know which part she saw, but I watched the entire nearly 45 minute Q&A session and I only saw Bush smile a few times, and that was when he was cracking a couple of jokes when the attitude got too hostile in the room.

The reason I am questioning her attention span is that James Wolcott uses it to bash Bush over the deaths of the Marines in the helicopter crash from earlier that morning.


Ponder that a moment. The White House announces a press conference in the morning. After the announcement comes the news that 31 Americans died in a chopper crash in Iraq (6 others died today in seperate incidents). The president takes the podium fresh with the knowledge of that tragedy–and radiates a cheerful disposition bantering with the press about senior citizens and their faulty memories. She can’t see something scarily wrong with that? She doesn’t spot some sort of emotional disturbance or disconnect? Imagine if Bill Clinton had been chirpy and chipper having just received the news of 31 soldiers dying in the theater of combat–Rush Limbaugh would have devoted three hours to it, and Fox News would have dragged Dick Morris out of the all-you-can-eat buffet for his “expert analysis.”

When Bush did address the soldiers’ deaths, he said that we “weep and mourn” when Americans die, but as he was saying it his hand was flatly smacking downwards for emphasis, as if he were pounding the table during the business meeting, refusing to pay a lot for a muffler. The steady beat of his hand was at odds with the sentiments he was expressing–he didn’t look or sound the least bit mournful or sombre. And why should he? Death doesn’t seem to be a bringdown for him. There isn’t the slightest evidence that he experiences the anguish LBJ did as casualties mounted in Vietnam. His record as chief executioner in Texas is of a man for whom the death of another is an administrative detail, a power exercise.

It sounds as if Wolcott didn�t watch the conference either. Typical for him.

When Bush was getting the general questions from the press, he looked annoyed quite often, as is usual for him. He would try to lighten up the mood every now and then by cracking a joke and even had one reporter who was standing to his right tell him �Now don�t go messing me up� when he restated her question while asking her to clarify her question. All in all, it was tense at times but there were no confrontations.

When Bush spoke about the Marines, he was somber, he spoke of them honorably and he looked as if he was remembering the moment, earlier that morning, when he was told of the crash.

So, Wolcott continues his usual course of being a misleading jackass and giving folks like the Kos Klan, who seem to take everything Wolcott says as gospel, something false to bitch about, and Lopez needs to stop commenting on things she doesn�t have the full board of information on.

Just goes to show how one off-hand comment can and will be taken and snowballed into something it is not.

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6 Responses to Snowball

  1. Stentor says:

    ‘Scuse Me Snowball, but I think the “misleading jackass” is the one who dragged us into this fucking useless war in the first place. And I say that as a former Marine who participated in no less than three operational exercises in the Persian Gulf during the late 80s and early 90s, Earnest Will, Desert Shield, & Desert Storm. I had friends who were still in the Corps three years ago, who would be alive right now, if it weren’t for that idiot dragging us into this quagmire.

  2. AnalogKid says:

    Well Marine, you are, of course, entitled to your opinion.

    I do not see what is misleading at all about calling bullshit on a useless debating society run by dictators and calling Hussein on the cease-fire he and his country signed in 1991.

    One that you fought for, I might add.

    Your attitude may have changed since it was put to paper, but the legally binding words had been bent, beaten, broken and machinated since its signing. We gave Hussein six months and a new resolution to comply and even gave him time to leave the country before we went in. What happened was totally avoidable.

    You and your new friends can bitch and moan all day long about �being mislead�, but anyone who has been paying attention knows that there what you say we were mislead with was just window dressing. If someone needed WMD to be OK with going in, they haven�t been paying attention and shame on them.

    And BTW, other than that terrorist appeasing, blood-money taking, little girl diddling sicko perv, Scott Ritter, I didn�t know they made �former� marines. You toss back your anchor and globes?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m on break again so…

    Seriously, the marine Stentor, is right. If he really IS a marine. It is a “quagmire”. It’s become ‘How to keep losing wars’ 101.
    I was in the Army 15 years ago, I diddn’t like it at all and I got out as soon as my 3 years were up. I was never in combat and I was never close to combat. I spent most of my off time getting drunk and chasing pussy. So, no hero here. One thing that will always stick with me though, is a sense of brotherhood with all those who enlist. I’m assuming that you webmasters here have all done some time in the military? If not, your opinions are only theoretical idealogies fit only for classroom discussion.
    IF THIS FUC………..uhmmm..(breath in) (exhale)….(deep breath) (exhale)…
    If this war is really about Liberty, now that it’s not about WMD’s anymore, then it must be fought with all the might and all the power and all the will that the United States possesses.
    It is being fought like a losing war. Call up the draft, get Kennedy’s kids involved, get Bush’s children in there, and since we’re fighting for Israel, get the children of the well-to-do Jews in NY city to join in as well. GET YOUR KIDS IN THERE!!!
    Hey!, it’s about liberty Man!!! It’s about America’s safety. So let’s not just let the inner city kids, the southern boys, and the rest of working class America fight it. BTW, what kind of country sends it’s little girls to war because there are are not enough men willing to join up?

    What will make America safer is stopping free and easy immigration and closing down the Mexican border. Isn’t that what we are going to do for the Iraqi elections? close the borders? Isn’t that what a real general would have done in Iraq in the first place? Isn’t that what a real commander and chief would have done for America a long time ago?
    You think I give a shit about George Bush and the godamm republicans? They are hoping for the future Hispanic vote while they sell us out.

    You dudes at this website are smart guys. Quit allowing yourselves to believe in eternal bullshit.

    We need an American Nationalist Party.

  4. AnalogKid says:

    What a coincidence, no author, I�m on break too. I was taking you seriously until you said �get the children of the well-to-do Jews in NY city to join in�.

    Why�d you have to go and do that? What about the �well-to-do WASPs� or the �well-to-do-Catholics� or the �well-to-do Secular Humanists�?

    Do you see how stupid that sounds?

    I agree with you about the borders needing to be shut down, but then again, anyone with two brain cells to rub together should. But why just the Mexican border? The border with Canada is longer and that is the country that harbors Muslim fanatics and almost goes so far as to promote Muslim fanaticism with their allowing of Sharia Law to get a foothold.

    Why not that border too?

    As for your suggestion to start up an �American Nationalist Party�, I am going to have to tell you that you are not using your foes to learn.

    I think we can all admit that the Democrat Party used to be an honorable party that had the best wishes of the country in their heads and hearts instead of the party they are today. After LBJ�s election in 64 though, they had started to change. They no longer worried about what was good for America, they instead wanted to change America to be good for them.

    How did this happen? They were slowly taken over from the inside by neo-socialist radicals.

    The Democrat Party already had a base, the media connections and the money gathering departments established. If the radicals had tried to start their own party up, they would have had to do that all themselves. Look at the Green Party or the Constitution Party or even the Libertarian Party, they have only rudimentary departments for that and that is why they struggle.

    If the small L libertarians would stop their jumping up and down and screaming and put their energy into transforming the Republican party into their idea of a national party, they would be much better off.

    Another thing you might not have noticed, no author, there was no other �pro-War on Terror� party in this last election cycle. If you want this war won on the means you cited, you only have one choice. Why waste your time building an entirely new party when we have one that just needs tweaking?

  5. Sid Pistol says:

    Hi Analog, Sid here. I must have forgotten to sign the above post about the ANP.

    In reference to my statement “It is being fought like a losing war. Call up the draft, get Kennedy�s kids involved, get Bush�s children in there, and since we�re fighting for Israel, get the children of the well-to-do Jews in NY city to join in as well. GET YOUR KIDS IN THERE”

    Your question: “Why�d you have to go and do that? What about the �well-to-do WASPs� or the �well-to-do-Catholics� or the �well-to-do Secular Humanists�?”

    When I said ” Call up the draft, get Kennedy�s kids involved…” I was symbolically
    trying to include the well-to-do Catholics. Again with “… get Bush�s children in…” I was trying to include the children of the wealthy WASPs. And, when I said ” GET YOUR KIDS IN THERE!!!” I was trying to include the rest of America. Despite the spin that the all volunteer military is a wonderful success, it is not. It is composed primarily of the poorest and the least educated of Americans. If this war is really about Liberty now, and about the safety of America, then it should be crystal clear to anyone that it must be fought with every ounce of vigor that the US can muster. That would include the children from all levels of American society. We need 400,000 troops in Iraq to win.
    Let me make this crystal clear as well. I support Israel’s right to exist but when you see Jews here, in the US, in open solidarity with the anti-Israeli far left faction, it’s makes your head spin. Here in L.A. Hollywood idiots are especially notorious for this kind of half-witted treason.

    “I agree with you about the borders needing to be shut down, but then again, anyone with two brain cells to rub together should.” AnalogKid.

    Yes, but our political leaders don’t seem to have two brain cells.
    I agree that the Canadian border should be secured as well, but, at this time, we don’t have thousands of poor illiterate Canadians pouring across that border draining our resources and negating Canada’s responsibility to it’s poor. Of course, it only takes one insane Muslim with a dirty nuke to kill alot of people.

    “I think we can all admit that the Democrat Party used to be an honorable party…They were slowly taken over from the inside by neo-socialist radicals.”

    This is true. But, where did the neo-socialist radicals come from? Vietnam and the 1960’s spawned them. A long and drawn out political war provided fertile ground for them to flourish.

    This sunday we will see if the people of Iraq deserve democracy or liberty or whatever the battle cry is now. If they don’t show up to vote, then our cause is lost. If they show up, let’s fight the war to win. If not, then we should leave Iraq in the mess that we have made it.


  6. Sid Pistol says:

    A few pages back I made a joke about medication and a Blue Heaven mental health organization. To my suprise there really is a Blue Heaven mental health on the net.

    Yes, I am crazy but they haven’t caught me yet. I was just trying to think of the cheesiest name possible for a nut house.

    My god what a cheesey name.


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