I got your Exit Strategy right here!

Bend over whiner, and I’ll give it to ya!

Hoon and Rumsfeld agree Iraq exit strategy

The US and Britain have privately agreed an exit strategy from Iraq based on doubling the number of local police trainees and setting up Iraqi units that would act as a halfway house between the police and the army.

The agreement was reached on Monday between the US secretary of defence, Donald Rumsfeld, and his British counterpart, Geoff Hoon.

It was based on recommendations from retired US general Gary Luck, sent to Iraq by the Pentagon last month to look at the failings of Iraq’s security force.

Now that the ‘Worst Economy Since Hoover’ meme is gone, it will be nice to get rid of this one too.

Especially after Ted ‘The Drunkard’ Kennedy’s words yesterday.

Kennedy First Senator To Call for Withdrawl from Iraq

Senator Ted Kennedy says the American military’s continued presence in Iraq is fanning the flames of conflict. The Massachusetts Democrat is calling for a “new plan” to bring US troops home.

In remarks prepared for a speech in Washington, Kennedy says the US military presence in Iraq “has become part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

Kennedy is not the first member of Congress to call for withdrawing troops, but he’s the first senator to do so.

Now let’s all open our history books and remember what happened the last time Kennedy demanded a pull out of the Army from a foreign nation.

A treaty was approved and signed to help out South Vietnam that included monetary and material help. After the pullout, Kennedy and his ilk voted against the appropriations to actually honor the agreement and MILLIONS OF VIETNAMESE WERE ALLOWED TO BE ENSLAVED AND SLAUGHTERED.

Never again.

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  1. reese says:

    Looks like Teddy’s trying to reopen those cuddly reeducation camps again-More killing fields please.

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