American Professor Looks For Resistance Groups in Iraq

But instead, decides to join up with the Baathists and Jihadis.

Colgate professor in Iraq to research resistance groups

Like many colleagues at Colgate, Victoria Fontan is spending her time between semesters hard at work. For the visiting assistant professor of peace studies, that means trekking halfway around the world and potentially putting herself in harm�s way.

Fontan set out for Iraq at the end of December to study and to interview members of the country�s insurgent organizations. On the way to Baghdad, she conducted research in Beirut and Jordan before negotiating to be �embedded� in one of Iraq�s resistance groups.

Fontan�s academic focus is on political violence in post-conflict situations, and she has conducted field research on the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Basque nationalist group ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna), and various warring factions in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq.

Oh yeah, you can tell that she has an open mind. So open her damn brain has fallen out.

I�m just about sick of American�s equating supporters of a brutal former dictator and terrorists to the Founding Fathers and/or �Resistance Groups� because they are not.

You do not target civilians and get to call yourself a �resistance group�. You do not get to kidnap children and then threaten their parents with their death if the parents do not drive a bomb-laden vehicle and get to be called a �freedom fighter�. As soon as you cut off one persons head while the cameras are rolling, you lose all your credibility and also your license for life.

I dislike wishing harm upon people, but here�s to her ending up in the crossfire when the group she�s �embedded� with attacks a polling station this weekend.

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