More Interesting Times Ahead

Remember the Chinese curse? Well, in addition to our own impending mortgage Tsunami, there’s the China Bubble. Yes, the entire Chinese economy is a bubble. What, oh what, do you suppose will happen when it bursts?

I used to subscribe to Foreign Policy in college. It’s a sober and serious public-policy journal, not likely to print unfounded frothing-at-the-mouth speculation. So take heed, y’all!

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2 Responses to More Interesting Times Ahead

  1. Phil says:

    And because the modern Chinese people have been so “That’s just the way it is” about their government for so long, the 1.3 Billion current residents will swiftly be reduced to less than 900 Million, mostly by said government, when the bubble pops.

    Millions more will die by famine, disease and the other usual suspects until they are reduced to approximately 700 million.

    And none of this will change their form of governance, only who heads it.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    The Red Chinese hold so much of our Treasury Notes, we would be completely bankrupted by a Chinese bust. Even Obama couldn’t print enough money to stop that crash.

    Our lives would depend on how many potatoes we can plant, how much game we can kill. I can do about 4,000 square feet of taters, and there are enough honkers around here to keep me in meat. That should get me by.

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