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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/14/09

I didn’t have a QotD I was happy with until I read Robb’s sidearm epiphany. After my range trip last night, I’m not only positive I don’t want to trade it, but I’ve actually realized the more I shoot the … Continue reading

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Grammar Fail

Via Robb, Kevin Baker was introduced to the logic of one Marc Rubin. Kevin has extended an invitation to Mr. Rubin for a discussion on the individual right to own firearms over at TSM. We await Rubin’s answer. You see, … Continue reading

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Bad. Evil. Bad. Stupid. Bad. Wrong.

The circular logic in the following idea can only be the swirling of a toilet bowl. In a bid to stop Muslim extremists from becoming more militant, the UK Government is set to issue a guideline for police, directing them … Continue reading

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Flex Pass

Via the AutoBlog and the Axis of Oversteer, replays of what I was watching this weekend. Both links go to videos of Formula 1 cars flexing through corners shot at 1500 frames per second (make sure to catch the frontleft … Continue reading

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My skepticism shall not be mocked

During my late high school years I was a naysayer about my ability of actually being able to draw on Social Security when our time came. I was derided as being a pessimist. Not because of the stupid crap I … Continue reading

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You shall not pass!

Into the town of Tiburon, CA in your car without being photographed. Your presence has been noted. The posh and picturesque town that juts into San Francisco Bay is poised to do something unprecedented: use cameras to record the license … Continue reading

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