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Forget Zombies

Zombies ain’t got nothin’ on the newest horror…. Robots controlled by monkeys A monkey fitted with a hi-tech brain chip has learned to move a complex robotic arm using mind control. The animal can operate the robot with such dexterity … Continue reading

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Yin & Yang

As positive as the reaction was on the right to Sarah Palin’s WaPo editorial on the Democrat’s Cap & Tax plan, it was despised by the left. More than a few are wondering who wrote it. They claim she couldn’t … Continue reading

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Tis a pity

That these two citizens had to flee. But they’re probably quite smart enough to know that if they’d stuck around that their next few months would have been spent across the table from the pervert’s lawyer A drunken man who … Continue reading

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A very worthy twenty minutes

Take a break and watch this episode of PJTV’s Louder with Crowder to see what the left wants to inflict upon Americans with their $1 Trillion health care plan (which expands to a minimum $2.3 Trillion after the first decade). … Continue reading

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