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Reasoned Discourse

Doesn’t only take place on the websites of anti-gun rights folks. It also takes place in the United States House of Representatives This little bit of C-Span was lauded across the leftosphere the end of last week as how Congress, … Continue reading

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The 10% Rule

One of the truths in life is that 10% of any group/gathering/population will be a pain in the ass for the other 90%. It doesn’t matter if it is motorcyclists, dog breeders, bicyclists, plumbers, or doctors. Which is why I … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/13/09

According to this guy, having less than average personal wealth makes one trigger happy. It is just foolhardy to place guns in developments of poor people, many of whom are unemployed, and place these guns around children. Emmanuel Cleaver II … Continue reading

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A new stimulus program?

Washington is once again following California down Insipid Ordinance Road with their latest mandate: Requiring local municipalities to regulate the water that runs off your car when you wash it in your driveway. The state, however, isn’t banning car washing. … Continue reading

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Talk about being dependant

The American Automobile Association is branching out from emergency roadside assistance of cars, trucks, vans and RV’s. Into, wait for it…..Bicycles! Yes, that mode of transport you can carry with you or chain to a lamp post is now rescuable … Continue reading

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An unsurprising lack of empathy

I’m looking for it. I know it is around here somewhere. Maybe under that stack of CD’s? Hmmm…nope. Anyway, apparently multiple individual state governments are in the process of drawing up laws to regulate the practice of Yoga instruction within … Continue reading

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