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Doggie Cam

While we’re in Barcelona enjoying the magnificent views, our doggies Alaska (white wolf/white shepherd mix) and Kaya (lab/shepherd/pit mix) will be enjoying a luxury kennel at Woodland Veterinary Hospital, our favorite boarding facility. We drive ninety minutes from home to … Continue reading

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I see what you did there

This is what the ocular lenses of my scopes see. You should see the pics he took of the inside during the exam.  Digital artists for sci-fi films can’t even imagine the scape and colors.  I’m leaning heavily towards framing … Continue reading

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The Monopoloy State

California is using IOU’s (aka: Ahnolds) to pay people. Most banks in the state are refusing to accept these IOU’s in exchange for official US currency. But that is OK, if you owe the government of the State of California … Continue reading

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Guano Watch 2009

Both sides of the aisle can come up with some pretty good conspiracies. The latest on the left is that Tony Blair had weapons inspector David Kelly murdered and made to look like a suicide because the guy was writing … Continue reading

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To: Ward Churchill From: Chief Denver District Judge Larry Naves: STFU & GTFO. That is all.

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It is just that easy

James Pethokoukis takes a moment and is able to come up with five “Stimulus Plans” off the top of his head that are better than the one the congressional and executive Democrats stuck us with. Or, I should say “the … Continue reading

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Improvisation and Change!

Apparently, there weren’t any signs at the St. Louis Tea Party that broke the “Offensive Barrier” of local leftists, so a local Obama promoter thought he’d fix that and improvised one of his own to parade around with. I don’t … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day 07/08/09

…But I sit up straighter when chatter on the Internet reaches critical mass and especially when it overflows into the sacred milieu of the ladies’ luncheon. At this point, unarmed as I am, I don’t really care about ammo shortages … Continue reading

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