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More Interesting Times Ahead

Remember the Chinese curse? Well, in addition to our own impending mortgage Tsunami, there’s the China Bubble. Yes, the entire Chinese economy is a bubble. What, oh what, do you suppose will happen when it bursts? I used to subscribe … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day 07/26/09

I like this plan (WWII version at right): We dump a couple of billion dollars into our own firearms manufacturers (Colt/S&W/Ruger, Beretta USA, etc) and we have them mass produce the equivalent of a standard issue 9mm as well as … Continue reading

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More on the Coming Mortgage Tidal Wave

If this didn’t convince you, how ’bout this detailed analysis of what’s ahead. 

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From the RNS Email

Historic photos of the Tour de France circa 1940 (click to enlarge)

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