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California Snapshots

The wife and I took a long lunch today to drop by our credit union and hand over our California tax refund check registered warrant/IOU in exchange for loan papers. Hadn’t planned on actually redeeming the thing until its October … Continue reading

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I don’t see this surprisingly reasonable (considering the source) statement as some sort of CYA essay, so why does Commenter #1 say to Vanderboegh: Mike, Thanks for the “sermon”. In these days of ratcheting tension, it’s nice to have a … Continue reading

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More Sadness

Chris Byrne, of Anarchangel blog, just had to put down his beloved Mac. I’ve been through this sort of thing with three pets in my life, and it rips you apart every time. Sorry for your loss, Chris.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/31/09

This is why I don’t buy downloads of my music. Or if I do, I burn it to disc and rip it from the disc as an un-DRM’d mp3 file. We reject the view that copyright owners and their licensees … Continue reading

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Autobiography. Autograph. Autoerotic. Autobeclown. Paul Krugman autobeclowns. Real world, this is Mr. Krugman. Mr. Krugman, this is the real world.

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