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Monkey Driven Mech Update

As a supplement to yesterday’s post, some may wonder what will power these machines so that their monkey pilots can bring an end to civilization. The answer is: You. A steam-powered military robot developed by a Maryland firm could fuel … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Dancing Queen Edition

The guy who cleans my employer’s offices at night immigrated here from Vietnam within the last six years. He has an assistant who is an even more recent immigrant from there. Some nights, this assistant cannot work for him, so … Continue reading

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RNS Non-Quote of the Day: 07/16/09

This summarized quote will have to do as I don’t have the time to transcribe every word she used to avoid answering the question. ……. Sonya Sotomayor That was her answer, multiple times, to Senator Coburn’s question of “Do I … Continue reading

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Something I’ll have to look into

Uncle provided a link to The Firearm Blog’s post on a Bullpup type stock to retrofit to an SKS (overly dramatic but informative video below). I don’t know why they couldn’t have put the 1913 rail low enough to be … Continue reading

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More than slightly unnerving

The leftosphere is wiping their collective brow and saying “Whew!”, happy that the CBO estimate for the government health care bill came to just over a $1 Trillion. They are actually happy with that number. I bet most of them, … Continue reading

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