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The P/E ratio for the S&P 500 is an absurd 15.74 on forward earnings and the NASDAQ an even more absurd 19.22. Traditional recession level ratios are between 5 and 8 (Source WSJ, 7/21). Considering the  spin being put on … Continue reading

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Something cool to bury

If you’re looking for a hidey-hole, PM has six of the latest prefabs for your perusal. Six top bomb shelters: Fallout shelters you can buy now Armored storage/living space. Who doesn’t need more of that?

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Caption Contest

Caption this! My submission: President Obama just couldn’t stop laughing and demanding they restart the new arcade version of Submariner: Wolf Pack so that he could repeatedly sink the USS Economy. Now you.

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This is why

MSNBC doesn’t have more opposition commentators on their shows. Fire this video up, let it load and FFWD to the 10 minute mark to see blowhard Ed Shultz get his ass handed to him on basic cable by Senator Larry … Continue reading

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Stupidity should be painful

So should violations of Godwin’s Law. The Hill’ blog posts this quote from Senate majority Leader Harry Reid’s noon press conference yesterday: The Republicans have asked for more time, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable. Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole) responds: … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/24/09

A picture being worth a thousand words means you should really tell the truth about what happened, even if you don’t plan on running the picture for another few hours. Here is the picture (click for bigger) Here is the … Continue reading

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Adding to the list

Of places too puss to visit, Amhurst, NY In a 3-3 vote this week, the Amherst (NY) Town Board denied the renewal of a game license for the city’s Chuck E. Cheese pizza and game parlor because some board members … Continue reading

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