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The Soundboard – Not what I was looking for Edition

Went looking for something else, but that’ll now have to wait until next week. This kicked my ass. Nancy Wilson vs. Jerry Cantrell. Queen of the Les Paul vs. Cap’n Crunch. How can that be anything but “whoa”?

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I’ve been telling y’all that you should join us in Reno this September for the Gun BLogger Rendezvous. Yet another reason is falling into your laps. Charlie Brown, the head guy over at MKS Supply/Charter Arms/Hi-Point, has donated a brand … Continue reading

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Nobody tell Barney Frank

But Congress just figured out that government meddling put us where we are, economically. The housing bubble that burst in 2007 and led to a financial crisis can be traced back to federal government intervention in the U.S. housing market … Continue reading

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Cannot be written that is weirder than real life. A job centre is advertising a “witch” vacancy with tourist site Wookey Hole, in Somerset, for £50,000 a year. The witch, who has to live in the site’s caves, is expected … Continue reading

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