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More SP Fun

Haven’t checked in with the Specialty Pistols board in about a year. Here’s a nice pic of my friend Slim demonstrating how not to get scope cut.

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From the Specialty Pistols web forums, this is member 7STDUBBERU’s .50 Alaskan (!!) Encore pistol. As drool-worthy as the handgun may be, I linked the pic mainly because of the background — it’s “about 2/3” of his backyard 3D course … Continue reading

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Boomershoot Picture of the Day

Okay, I’ve been remiss in keeping up with my promised daily Boomershoot posts. They’ll resume now. At the rate of three per day (starting tomorrow) I can be caught up and on track for 365 Boomershoot Pics of the Day … Continue reading

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The Case of Norman Kingsley Mailer

A Lovecraftian tale for the modern age: a noted Provincetown writer dies. His last work-in-progress: a multivolume investigation of the Personified Nature of Modern Evil. His desk is preserved as he left it, untouched. In the middle of the desk, … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/29/09

The “revolution” will not be televised. Because it will be bloodier than even the “revolutionaries” thought it could be. Are you ready? Indulge me in some historical determinism. We, the peasants, are failing to rise up and embrace the need … Continue reading

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It was a factor for me

Not a large factor, but I did think about it. Public opposition to the auto bailouts may translating into consumer buying decisions, with 46% of Americans now saying they are more likely to buy a car from Ford because it … Continue reading

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Set your DVR’s

Western Washington locals, make note: Patrick Michaels will be on TVW tonight at 8pm discussing “Free Market Environmentalism” and tomorrow night discussing “The Precautionary Prinicple”. Jim Miller reports that you will be entertained by Mr. Michaels’ style of discussion and … Continue reading

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What are you going to do about it?

All of this Birther nonsense is really beginning to grind on me. I can’t visit a leftosphere site anymore without having to scroll over two or three posts a day equating all non-Democrats to Birthers. Hell, the leftists have even … Continue reading

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If you only watch

Thirty seconds of this PJTV video discussion on health care, make it minute 03:20 thru 03:50. If I had time to transcribe it, it’d be the Quote of the Day.

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