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Actually, this is more entertaining than the original….

h/t: Phlegmfatale.

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We Can Has Fail

Iran puts on a crooked election. The people there protest said crookedness and some are killed. The American President takes two weeks to say something kind of close to the right thing. Honduras uses their Constitution to peacefully solve a … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/06/09

You can catch the quote in the video below, along with many others. The Obama Administration has got this economic thing which is “If it’s workin’, tax the hell out of it. If it’s not workin’, bail it out. And … Continue reading

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The Budweiser brewery (aka: The Devil’s Own Kidney Machine) stands to possibly become useful for something other than making shitty rice beer. You do two things at motorway services: fill up one tank and empty another. US chemists have combined … Continue reading

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Nuke them from Space?

Yeah, it’s almost that bad. Escaped prisoners who are on the run will not be named in case it breaches their right to privacy, civil servants have ruled. The edict has been made even though many convicts are fully identified … Continue reading

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