Sunday Cheesecake, Musical and Otherwise

Valeria 2.jpgValeria1.jpgPhil waxed eloquent a while back about how he was a Sucker for a Hook.

Well, this song has a couple of ’em and I defy you to get it out of your head once you listen. It’s also got some nonmusical Hooks:

the droolingly sexy Valeria Andrews (hot)

Lipstick lesbians (hot)

Sexy and sex-minded invader penetrating into a gated chateau (titillating)

…well, you get the idea. This is modern “viral marketing” in action, people! Watch the video and feel your brain become infected with the hook.


What’s interesting to me is that you can actually watch this girl’s career path being created. After some very very minor parts in a few movies she landed a contract with Interscope, and whoever’s managing her seems to have decided not to Valeria 3.jpgmarket her as a Spanish singer in the U.S. (although she’s recorded a couple of Spanish songs). Rather, as I mentioned, they’re doing a “viral marketing” campaign with this video, expecting people to create the buzz themselves. If it works, it’s the cheapest possible way to jumpstart a career.

I’m not sure it will work; I think the video would have made a big splash because of its “taboo” subject matter maybe ten years ago, but now? On the other hand, it seems to be a minor hit in dance circles… and the lesbian deejays on Energy 92.7 FM love it.
Valeria’s website is here, with more videos and a link to her much more extensive MySpace page. Too bad Professor Booty’s gone; Valeria’s just his type, I think.

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3 Responses to Sunday Cheesecake, Musical and Otherwise

  1. yatalli says:

    I never ceases to amaze me for what passes as “talent”. Just turn off the sound and let your imagination work.

  2. David says:

    I think we’re getting close to a time when performers lip-synching their way through a “live” appearance will be the norm, because it’s just so gosh-darn unreasonable to expect anyone to be able to, you know, sing without a bevy of electronic fixers to make your voice sound, well, like you can sing.

    But did I mention she was hot? Mmmm, that smile….

  3. emdfl says:

    A better way to check for a singer’s “talent” is to close your eyes and see if you still want to listen to the sound coming out of your radio or whatever.

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