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A Fevered Pitch

Local racist hatemonger, David Neiwert, decries the enforcement of illegal immigration laws in Prince William County, VA, calling for a new beginning of re-use of the phrase “Sundown Towns” for jurisdictions who actively enforce immigration laws. (For those that don’t … Continue reading

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So much for being right

Folks such as myself took a bunch of heat in the media for not blaming Bush or Schwartzeneggar or Iraq or “Global Warming” for the latest round of California wildfires. Audio & visual rightwing blowhard, Glenn Beck, was vilified in … Continue reading

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Vacation is good for the soul

I’ve got this week off. My last stretch of vacation until prolly January. I’m not going anywhere or doing much this time around though. Halloween is the Wife’s favorite holiday and our 6th Wedding Anniversary is the day after. Fellas! … Continue reading

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