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Saturday Gun Porn

Encore .44 Magnum. The Packing Rat has details on the furniture.

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RNS Landscape of the Day

The Meadow Creek Inn, in Idaho. No, I’ve never been a guest. Looks inviting, though, doesn’t it?

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M1A Substitute

Can’t afford a California-legal M1A, at a couple grand  by the time you add sales tax? Well, you can pick up this baby instead. No pistol grip, so it can accept detachable magazines. Ultra-reliable Kalashnikov design, shoots the fine .308 … Continue reading

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I Like You, I Really Like You

The Packing Rat noticed that I linked to him in my “David Likes” corner of the blogroll. Check him out from time to time. I like his style of gun reviews and range reports — lots of very kewl pictures … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 10/13/07

We expect the Supreme Court to announce in early November whether it will grant cert. –From Gura & Possessky’s website about the Parker/Heller case.

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