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Ahh, here we go….

I guess this story… …ain’t about Bill after all. More here. Now, remember, this is just rumors so far. Really, I don’t think being outed would hurt Hillary all that much in the primaries. I mean, come on — this … Continue reading

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Halloween Greeting

Framed, in the entrance of our home: Welcome to Our House Enter Freely; Go Safely, And Leave Something of the Happiness You Bring Who amongst the RNS readership can identify this version of an infamous but courtly Old World greeting? … Continue reading

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Another Bill Clinton Sex Scandal?

First the LA Times scoops the NYT in its own back yard on illegal donations to Hillary’s campaign. Now they’re sitting on a sex scandal story, “all wrapped up” and ready to go, dealing with one of the candidates. Everyone … Continue reading

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Oh, you do not know how this site scares my wallet. Not that AIM Surplus can’t still do that, but this is a different kind of fear…. “Items he’ll rarely use” of Terror! With the purchase of Buddy the Jeep, … Continue reading

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Rare Video

She fucked it up. She confirms that that she agreed with NY Governor Spitzer about giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Not even the NY Legislature was gonna let that BS pass. She stunk it up big-time. Dodd catches her … Continue reading

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And he went downhill from there

Last night The Wife and I were carving up pumpkins while watching “The Crazy Socialist Show!” (advertised as the Dem debates), easily the scariest thing on TV that evening. Russell Has been on injured reserve since we got back from … Continue reading

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