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Fred Rocked

…in last night’s Republican “debate.” I say that in quotes because with this many candidates on stage, there was precious little debating. It was more a batch of single questions directed to single candidates. Seriously, though, most of the candidates … Continue reading

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Wednesday Gun Porn

M1A Scout (top), chopped at both ends to have about the same handiness as an M-1 Carbine (bottom), while retaining a longer barrel than an M1A SOCOM (for more velocity and more reliable cycling with the original gas system). Now … Continue reading

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What Is It?

Yes, it’s gun-related. That’s your only clue. UPDATE: Well, that was fast. Answer’s in the comments, don’t click if you’re still guessing.

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RNS Landscape of the Day

From Patterico’s recent jaunt to Europe, the Geisler group in the Dolomites, taken from Val de Funes. Click to embiggen, the detail is breathtaking.

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RNS Quote of the Day, 10/10/07

From the Reagan Diaries: Monday, March 16 [1981] Jerry Lewis came to the Oval Office with the M.D. poster girl — a beautiful child who I learned would probably die before the next year ends. What a terrible disease. Jerry … Continue reading

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