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Nose under the tent spotted

And it looks surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) like Hillary’s. The SCHIP expansion bill is currently sitting on Bush’s desk, waiting for a signature that will put it on the law books or send it back to Congress. Those that … Continue reading

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I’d say they screwed their own pooch

A number of folks in the UK university community have been attempting to pass a boycott of Israel through their union. Let me rewrite that line…. A bunch of pro-“Palestinian” do nothing college professors want their union to sever all … Continue reading

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Getting ahead of themselves

The local mass transit affectionados are gearing up their campaign to try and convince the citizenry that a humongous tax increase that would last a minimum of 30 years and cost upwards of $157 Billion and would pay for nearly … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Reloading!

Once you’ve read Kevin’s reloading primer mentioned below, head on over to Anarchangel for some treatises on the subject (with lots of helpful and fascinating pics). He talks about his adventures getting started in reloading (quite successfully too!) and also … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 10/03/07

If you didn’t see any of Blackwater CEO Erik Prince’s testimony before the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee yesterday, you owe it to yourself to check it out (it’s available on C-SPAN here). He did a masterful job of … Continue reading

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