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The Soundboard: Pound of Sound

Week Six First, an announcement: I’ll be gone next week, but the Pound of Sound will continue on, though there will be a genre change. Watch for it. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy. Now, I’ve spent this week training an … Continue reading

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You’ll Never Guess Who

Luurves Ann Coulter! Teh Gheys. At least according to this post over at celebfan site, Jezebel This weekend I attended a small, intimate house party in Manhattan of mostly gay men in the media. I was sitting in the kitchen … Continue reading

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Fred Vid

Part of the visit he and his wife, Jeri, made with Hannity last night. There are more vids here, but this is the best one of them all. Actual “Must See TV”

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From western Washington residents over the SCHIP veto. Here, in the Letters to the Editor page of the Seattle Times. Notice, not one single letter in favor of the veto. Or, for those to lazy to click on the link, … Continue reading

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