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Frazetta / Flashman

If you haven’t read the Flashman series of novels by George MacDonald Fraser, you’re in for a real treat. Flash for Freedom is particularly fun; Flashy visits the USA, with predictable results. If you’re not acquainted with Frank Frazetta’s artwork, … Continue reading

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Sunday Gun Porn: S&W Safety Hammerless 4th Model

Here’s another one of my little revolvers in the fun .38 S&W cartridge (NOT .38 Special). These are built on the I frame, which is significantly smaller than the J frame that’s the tiniest in S&W’s current lineup. These I-frame … Continue reading

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RNS Landscape of the Day / Quote of the Day, 10/14/07

Ronald Reagan’s Rancho del Cielo: From the Reagan Diaries: Thursday, August 6 – Thursday, September 3 [1981] …Each day we rode in the A.M. then in the afternoon Barney, Dennis & I with vol. help from Dr. Ruge & our … Continue reading

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