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Hijacked Crew Overpowers Pirates

Read all about it here. 22 (presumably unarmed) crewmembers vs. eight gunmen. I’ll bet there’s a really fascinating story there. We’ll see if any more details pop up. Also note that not all jihadis are aligned with pirates: During the … Continue reading

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Old News

So I’m flipping through the channels last night and I come upon a re-broadcast of the BBC show, Top Gear. Top Gear Season 9 Episode 3Add to My Profile | More Videos Premise: Buy a car in Miami and drive … Continue reading

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How Low Can You Go?

And why would anyone go low when it comes to children’s education? Especially when it is THIS low You could have knocked me over with a WASL test book. My 10-year-old son received a letter signed by Gov. Christine Gregoire … Continue reading

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