Hijacked Crew Overpowers Pirates

Read all about it here.

22 (presumably unarmed) crewmembers vs. eight gunmen. I’ll bet there’s a really fascinating story there. We’ll see if any more details pop up.

Also note that not all jihadis are aligned with pirates:

During the six months that the Council of Islamic Courts ruled most of southern Somalia, where Somali pirates are based, piracy abated, Mwangura said.

At one point, the Islamic group said it was sending scores of fighters to crack down on pirates there. Islamic fighters even stormed a hijacked, UAE-registered ship and recaptured it after a gunbattle in which pirates—but no crew members—were reportedly wounded.

And don’t forget your source for all sorts of interesting pirate/jihadi-related info, such as this story about how terrorists now have a manual for blowing up your local LNG facility.

UPDATE: Looks like some U.S. warships lent a hand and sunk some pirates.

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