And he went downhill from there

Last night The Wife and I were carving up pumpkins while watching “The Crazy Socialist Show!” (advertised as the Dem debates), easily the scariest thing on TV that evening.



Has been on injured reserve since we got back from Spokane. Most likely because, upon our return home, he tried to jump up on what is known as “The Doggie Ottoman/Window Perch” without the stool and hurt himself due to his increasing age and his decreasing athletic ability.

He has been making steady improvements this last week or so, but something happened last night that put him back at square one.



Was very excited to get her walk after Russell got back from his, and her and The Wife went off for a good long time. They get back and The Wife asks Mrs. Butterworth


If she wants her walk for the night. Mrs. Butterworth declines and The Wife decides that that means Mrs. Butterworth wants her bath instead.

The Bath is over and Mrs. Butterworth is running about in a vain attempt at velocity air drying and Ellie starts wanting to play. Bad juju.

Mrs. Butterworth is a 12lb tweenie Dachshund. Ellie is a 100+ pound Rottweiler mix.

Now, Mrs. Butterworth can let out a bark that’ll intimidate Ellie, because that is what Dachshunds excel at. But she doesn’t.

The Wife and I, on the other hand, decide that things are getting too rambunctious and shut it down. Butterworth goes through her belly dragging routine and Ellie sits down like a good girl.

But Russell thinks she is a “bad girl”, and decides to attempt a maneuver a dog with 6in legs should never try on a Rottie, especially when he is injured.

While in recovery from his amorous ways, he will hopefully remember that sometimes, having the will is sometimes enough.

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