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The Bitch is Back

No, you didn’t Rip Van Winkle through the election, only to find Hillary as Preznit. I’m making a funny of sorts, quote probably a bad one. Let me explain. Hirsi Ali gets death threats for telling the truth about the … Continue reading

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Crack Political Commentary

No. Strike that. It’s political commentary on crack. This is really the best Horsey could do? Does he actually think this is what the issue is about? He doesn’t know it, but he is right about being “Better Dead Than … Continue reading

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Sacre Bleu

Hang your heads low, gentlemen. France is doing what our Congress will not France has set tough new quotas for the number of undocumented immigrants authorities should arrest and expel each month, the new immigration minister said. Brice Hortefeux, who … Continue reading

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