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Reloading Primer

For the folks who need it, such as myself, get your backside moving to this post by Kevin at The Smallest Minority. Everything the newbie reloader needs and needs to know. Speaking of reloading and Kevin, at TSM, I need … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 10/02/07

From Ace of the AoSHQ on the subject of the Burma Monk murders They’ll kill as many monks as they like, because they know their “opponents” here are a bunch of ineffectual, elite faux-intellectuals whose idea of opposing mass-murder is … Continue reading

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Some thinking. Last week, Hillarity Clinton spoke about about her idea to “give” every child born in the US a $5000 Savings Bond out of taxpayer monies. I wanted to post about it, but was just so dumbfounded (and busy) … Continue reading

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The Best Scientific Results

Are repeatable. Which is exactly why Global Warming Death Cult Science is not real science. Kristopher, on the other hand, committed real-deal science in his own reloading room, for all of us to learn from Primer test. Attempt to deactivate … Continue reading

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