Ahh, here we go….

I guess this story

…ain’t about Bill after all.

huma_hillary.jpg huma_200.jpg

More here. Now, remember, this is just rumors so far.

Really, I don’t think being outed would hurt Hillary all that much in the primaries. I mean, come on — this chick’s hot! Whoops, I forgot that Dem voters don’t objectify women that way. Sorry.

Seriously — it could help her — it answers the “how the hell can she tolerate Bill’s philandering” question. There’d probably even be a sympathy vote — “Bill drove her to women!” And I wouldn’t mind if we had our first gay or bi Presidential nominee in this election cycle or the next — just so we, collectively, can get over it.

IMO, the only substantive reason to worry about a President’s sexual proclivities is, really, because of the threat of blackmailers affecting US policy. If Americans don’t care who our President’s doing, that threat goes away.
Still, there are plenty of non-substantive reasons to spread rumors like this. A scandal’s a scandal, after all. Let the circus begin!

UPDATE: Damn, Ace is still skeptical. And he has a lot more here.

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5 Responses to Ahh, here we go….

  1. Kevin S. says:

    Wow. Talk about upstaging Billy boy. That girl is WAY hotter than Monica. That has to piss Bill off – his wife can score better tail than him!

  2. ck says:

    It’s certainly more believable than Silky having an affair with a woman.

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  4. Micheal says:

    Wonder who plays the male role in that relationship, mmmm.. let me think.

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