A Fevered Pitch

Local racist hatemonger, David Neiwert, decries the enforcement of illegal immigration laws in Prince William County, VA, calling for a new beginning of re-use of the phrase “Sundown Towns” for jurisdictions who actively enforce immigration laws.

(For those that don’t recognize the phrase, this pic may refresh your memory)


Why is Neiwert so up in arms about this new vitality in law enforcement?

Because telling illegal immigrants that if they are caught, day or night, despite Neiwert’s inference, that they will be arrested and deported, works wonders for getting them to leave your town for the safety and anonymity of somewhere else.

And that is one of the big differences that Neiwert doesn’t recognize between a real “Sundown Town” and his childish idea of what one is: Today’s illegal immigrant needs the ability to move anonymously through society.

In what used to be racist America, the very last thing a non-white person wanted was to be “just another kike/nigger/spic/chink”. Knowing a person’s name was like a little bit of poison to their random attacker because it gave the victim a sense of identity.

Today, being anonymous is the powerful position. “Just another illegal” was the ultimate place to hold since the early 80’s because liberal guilt over their fathers and grandfathers thoughts/actions made them look the other way.

But not for me. I’m smart enough to be able to divide the thoughts/actions of my ancestors from my own. I am not them and they are not me. I will not be tried, convicted and sentenced in the minds of others, or in reality, for what they and theirs may have thought or done. Just as those who do not share my pasty white/pinkness should not be held by their ancestors, or their contemporaries thoughts/actions.

Neiwert’s worst implication is that Prince William County is killing illegals.

He is attempting to infer that with his comparison between PWC and the long ago “Sundown Towns”, because that is what a non-white person could expect for breaking the “Sundown Law”: A long, slow, torturous death. Fire, knives and ropes drawing out the inevitable, from an inhuman being so ignorant in their hatred that they were entertained by the suffering.

Prince William County, on the other hand, is simply arresting, jailing, and then handing over the illegal immigrants to federal law enforcement, something unheard of in “Sundown Towns”, for deportation. While the person breaking the immigration laws may feel as though their life is ending, it is only their unlawful life in America. The alternative of actual death, is much, much worse.

But then again, Neiwert only has his sycophants because of his hatemongering and dramatic implications. They lay at his feet and drink his every word because they are made to feel superior to not only those they accuse of hatred, but also the supposedly hated.

The same manipulations used by every other monster of history.

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2 Responses to A Fevered Pitch

  1. Ted says:

    I live in Prince William County, and damn, I’m proud of our County Board of Supervisors. I’ve written to tell them so, and when I met a couple I told them the same.

  2. emdfl says:

    The best part is listening to the socialists in Maryland natter on about how they are “better” then Virginians because Maryland treats ILLEGALS and legals the same way. Not realizing of course that they are just saying that citizenship means nothing to the state of Maryland.

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